The Super Secret Kick Trick for Extra Oomph

Like big kick drums?  Hey, so do I!

This one is very similar to last week’s snare trick.  But instead of making the snare stand out, we’re looking to add some boooot-ay to the kick.

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Let’s get our learn on!:



3xJeffro is a recovering gear-aholic who spends somewhere between 2 and 300 hours per week mixing music. Going strong in the studio world since 1999, he loves long walks on the beach, baskets full of puppies, and writing in the 3rd person. Shoot him an e-mail anytime.

7 thoughts on “The Super Secret Kick Trick for Extra Oomph

  1. Love your page Jeffro, love the way you teach and how you make serious improvements in the tracks you receive. I’ve searched all over this site what you’ve written about mixing through a limiter and I feel there’s still much more to be said. Could you please write a little more about it? All the basics, all the… I don’t know, some kind of “mixing through a limiter for dummies” article.
    I’m sure you’d make more than one reader happy 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for reading/watching!

      Mixing through a limiter is pretty straightforward really. I typically will have a couple of the lovely Massey 2007 limiters set up. Though I’m not brickwalling them, I do let each shave off a db or two. Towards the end of the mix I may lower the threshold to bring up the volume.
      In reality, I’m just treating them like a volume knob.


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