Mixing Tips in 140 Character Form


This week’s post is going to be just a touch different.  I ran across another blog this week that I thought was all sorts of amazing and summed up a lot of what I’ve been wanting to post about.

It turns out that Steven Slate has been posting mixing tips on his Twitter account for a while.  The fine folks at TheProAudioFiles went ahead and collected the best of the best and got them all together in one post.  Just about every tip is a tiny nugget of pure Yukon Gold. I could blabber on and on about each one, but I think Steven summed them all up pretty damn well in 140 characters or less.  In the spirit of not fixing something that already works, I posted a few of my favorites below, but make sure you go check out the extremely useful article in its entirety!

Slate 2

Slate 3

Happy Mixing!

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