Chris Cornell

Instead of some mixing trick or tip this week, I’m going to take a second to give props to a true rock legend.  Chris Cornell was one of the principal co-writers of the soundtrack to my life for the past 20 years.  Each album he was involved in brings me back to a different period of time and I’m quite sure for many, many others too.

CCIn 2009, I was traveling in Asia with my best friend when my brother called.  He had a hookup for the Chris Cornell show in Seattle…if we got there, we could meet the man himself before the show. So my bff and I traveled 15+ hours across the Pacific to catch the show in Seattle and meet Chris.  The very next day, we flew 15+ hours back across the ocean to resume our trip. Totes worth it.

His death hit the rock world hard and did the same to me.  So, dear readers, let’s resume with the profanity-laced mixing tricks next week.  This week, I’m just going to share some of my favorite Chris Cornell tidbits.  Short and simple.

R.I.P. Chris.  Thank you for the music.


*A GearSlutz conversation that goes from general questions about the recording of Soundgarden’s “Superunknown” to a full on tell-all from producer Michael Beinhorn.

My favorite parts are when Michael Beinhorn says more than once about how the arrangements for the songs didn’t change in the studio.  Chris Cornell wrote them, demoed them, brought them in, and they needed no improvements.

*The Original Rolling Stone interview with Chris right after Superunknown’s release

*And the original Rolling Stone review of Superunknown (only four stars?!)

The very first few songs Audioslave ever played live.  And they crush it.

Soundgarden taking the Netherlands by storm back in 1992:

His cover of Bob Marley:

“Sweet Euphoria”





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