Quick Mixing Tip #10 – The Super Secret Kick Trick

Sine WaveDoes your kick fit into the mix alright, but it lacks some of that ball-grabbing, low-end goodness?  I’m sure you’ve checked your phase already, right?  Well then, have I got a dirty little trick for you.  Instead of cranking up the low end, why don’t you try this fun little ruse:

Today’s Quick Mixing Trick: Trigger a super low sine wave sample with every kick hit.

You’ve got a signal generator (it’s in there somewhere, trust me).  Make a short sine wave burst and make it low.  The one I typically use is .085 seconds long and sitting at 42hz.  Every time the kick hits, this short sine wave is triggered and proceeds to tickle the nuts of the listener.  Low-end-fun and easy as pie to do.

Kick Sine Wave

Simply trigger the sine wave with every kick.

I wouldn’t suggest this on anything with a busy kick and definitely not on anything with double bass parts.  But for a medium tempo jam where the kick has room to breathe, this can really add some punch to the sub lows.

Don’t forget to check the phase between your kick and the sine wave!

5 thoughts on “Quick Mixing Tip #10 – The Super Secret Kick Trick

  1. If you think about it, an 808 is just a sine wave so the same concept applies. I also like a quick sidechain comp from the kick to the 808 to let the kick attack take priority. Rock on man… love your tips and the videos on your page. Great stuff.


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